Adapt Worldwide’s New Hreflang Tag Checker

By 28/04/2016SEO

At Adapt Worldwide we are constantly looking for new ways of providing clients the best service when it comes to SEO, increasingly technical SEO. One thing that crops up time and time again is the need to assess Hreflang tag architecture. When dealing with global sites that operate across markets this is a commonly occurring SEO solution.
While Google Search Console provides a read out on the health of your Hreflang deployment, pinpointing where there are areas that are not back referencing pages correctly, you often don’t have the luxury of access to Search Console if it’s a new client prospect, or a competitor site. Furthermore, Google’s checks here can be inaccurate or even straight up incorrect. We’ve seen instances where a site has no Hreflang tags deployed and Google Search Console states there are errors in the deployment. As such, it’s not a tool we can rely on.
With all of this in mind, we decided to create our own tool to assess Hreflang architecture in a manner which is accurate, swift and comprehensible. We present you with Adapt Worldwide’s Hreflang Tag Checker:

Download the Hreflang Tag Checker browser plugin here.

The Hreflang Tag Checker is designed to automate the process of checking a site’s Hreflang tag deployment. The tool takes a readout of a URL’s Hreflang tags, and then crawls them to assess if they back reference your current URL. This allows you to get a reliable snapshot of a website’s international targeting from a territory perspective, whilst assessing if they are targeting these territories correctly from an organic search perspective.
This saves precious time and resource when it comes to analysing and optimising international sites. Download it today and let us know what you think!

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