South Korean SEO

Be visible to 45 million hyper-connected users

South Korea ranks as one of the most highly connected online markets with the highest average internet connection speed in the world, averaging at 27 Mbps. This developed digital infrastructure has enabled South Korean consumers to become savvy e-commerce buyers, with nearly 70% of the population estimated to be shopping online by 2018. The South Korean market presents an enormous opportunity for businesses looking to attract a new audience to engage with their brands.

The Korean market is one of the unique places where Google does not dominate. Instead, local search engines account more than 85% of the market share, making it inaccessible for those who are not equipped with local knowledge. However, our highly experienced Korean SEO team can help your business overcome these barriers to create an effective internet presence in South Korea.

For South Korea, Google is only the third biggest search engine with less than 10% of the search market share. Local players Naver and Daum account for nearly 85% of the search landscape, and they function as digital hubs where most of the country’s online activities can be found.

Although the principles of SEO are fundamentally the same, the way SEO is applied varies between international markets and search engines. Naver and Daum share a number of ranking factors with Google but value them differently. Also, how the search results are displayed are significantly different to western search engines, therefore its SEO is notably different. Understanding how Naver and Daum work would be the first steps for your brand to be visible to the Korean consumers.

The language barrier and challenges of SEO in South Korea due to the difference in search could discourage brands from engaging with the Korean audience, but our Korean speaking SEO team provides full SEO services on local South Korean search engines, effectively removing these challenges.


Keyword research

To understand how users in South Korea look for your business products and services, we run an in-depth market analysis using local SEO tools such as the Naver Keyword Tool, Daum Keyword Tool, and Naver Ads Services. This allows us to see what keywords local users are searching for, and the results they return.

Technical analysis

Our team conducts technical analysis using tools designed specifically to understand your website performance on South Korean search engines. Our analysis provides a clear understanding of how your site currently performs and flags any important tech issues on your website.

Content audits & strategies

We have a data led approach to content strategy and our in-house tools allows us to run in depth analysis to understand what type of content performs well in the Korean market, trending topics, top performing channels for your industry, and key success factors for content in Korea.

Content creation

Our dedicated content team, comprising of strategists, copywriters, designers, and developers, allow us to create all content in-house. This ensures both quality control and swift delivery.

Naver and Daum PPC

Naver and Daum PPC is a faster way of attracting traffic and leads from South Korean users, our team can help build your Korean PPC campaigns from scratch – from setting up the account to managing campaigns, or launching creative ads.


Our internal tools have been specifically designed for Korean search engines such as Naver and Daum, as well as social media channels like KakaoStory, allowing us to monitor and pull insights into performance of your different marketing activities in an easy to understand format.


We have extensive experience running outreach campaigns for different industries and our in-house Korean specialists can ensure that your campaign reaches your key target audience.

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