International Keyword Research

Keyword research forms the bedrock of digital strategies from opportunity analysis through to content production – and yet the approach that most companies take to international keyword research is outdated and ultimately flawed.

Rather than the traditional top-down approach to keyword localisation, our approach of data-driven culturalization provides analysis focused on the market-by-market needs and nuances of your potential user base.

Data-driven culturalization

A simplistic localisation of base-line keyword sets still remains the industry standard for the vast majority of companies working in international markets. Yet the limitations of this approach are clear. The complexities of resourcing and centralising multilingual talent mean this sub-standard approach is often the only available option.

Our unrivalled network of in-market talent means that we are able to provide a streamlined, bottom-up approach to international opportunity analysis; providing you with local insights rather than localised data.


Digital Transcreators

Our talent pool (77,000+ freelancers) and dedicated talent management team allow us to provide in-market, sector-savvy resources no matter what niche you are operating in. By utilising local talent trained in regional search platforms and tuned into your sector, we can provide a fully-realised analysis of the terms, questions and concerns that matter to your potential user base.

Up to 48% uplift in search demand

Our approach to multilingual keyword research has seen growths in search coverage of up to 48% versus a standard machine translation approach. The uplift in search demand that our approach is able to unearth varies from market-to-market and sector-to-sector – but universally it provides a fuller analysis of opportunity, clearer focus on key terms and a reduction in wasted spend.